A downloadable game for Windows

Teaching myself programming, figured translating an old BASIC text adventure game from the late 70's  to modern hardware would be a neat first project. Take it's quality with a grain of salt.

I added quite a bit to the original (hence, "SUPER" and Blast Edition).  The original was pretty bare bones, but it's source code is easily findable on the Internet. Since it was written in Batch, I can post a link to it's source code if there's interest.

Added Features:

Multiple win and lose states.

Easter Eggs.

Secret story paths.

ASCII art, which the original didn't have any.

Not written in BASIC, so it's easily playable on modern machines!

System Requirements:

PC with hardware made of potatoes.

Size 80 kb

Will probably feature this on my Youtube channel at some point, since a part of my audience is into this sort of thing @:


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Super Bombs Away! Blast Edition.exe 80 kB

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